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Udaipur, India pt. II

I cannot believe it has taken me seven whole months to finally share the second installment of my Udaipur travel diaries. Life happened I guess and I have been trying to get in the right mindset since. However, I'm officially finding my footing and rhythm once again so get ready for less sporadic posting.

In my last post I shared with you all about our first couple of days in my favorite city in India. Well, the next morning, after the most exquisite breakfast on our hotel's rooftop, we went off to get some spices at the morning market, I was extremely excited to score some local cumin, mangoes, and enough masala chai to last me a couple months back home. The colors, smells, and sounds of the market were truly mesmerizing.

After the market we headed over to Udaipur's City Palace. Built over a period of 400 years, with each maharajah leaving their mark in its architecture, it is truly a phenomenal place! So big and extensive with secret corridors, colorful rooms, terraces, and dreamy courtyards.

After the palace our driver told us about the city's royal cemetery, Ahar Centoaphs, where all of Udaipur's maharajahs have been laid to rest/cremated. This place wasn't in our itinerary but I'm so glad we stopped by. Fascinating place with breathtaking marble art and architecture. Some of the structures were even dated over 400 years ago. Absolutely incredible.

(The maharaja with his maharani)

We didn't know about this place until our driver told us that we could not leave Udaipur before stopping here first. That's how we came to visit the Kami Mata temple on the Machla Magra Hills. Also known as the place with the most breathtaking views of the City of Lakes. If I was to pinpoint the moment I fell head-over-heels in love with this city, this was it.

Udaipur, thank you for healing my soul and for showing us your endless beauty... forever grateful for those wonder-filled days.


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