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Jodhpur, India

After almost a year-long wait, my very last post of our adventures in India is officially here. It is extremely photo-heavy but I hope you enjoy as much as I did putting it together and reminiscing about out last stop in our roadtrip through Rajasthan.

We flew into Jodhpur's tiny airport late afternoon after a long layover in Mumbai. We were exhausted but so excited to explore the Blue City, our last destination in our journey through Rajasthan. That excitement was short lived when we realized that my suitcase had not arrived with us. After a couple hours of inquiring and phone calls they were able to locate it... it never left Mumbai. We were so relieved it wasn't lost, however, Jodhpur is such a small city that there would not be another flight coming from Mumbai till late the next day. All I had with me, for the time being, were the clothes on my back, my leather jacket, kimono, and camera bag... it was truly all I needed so continue our adventure. Our driver immediately took us to our hotel for check in and then picked us up a bit later to head over to Jodhpur's ancient fort, the Mehrangarh, before it closed for the day.

Bougainvilleas (or as I've always known them, Trinitarias) have been my favorite flowering plant for decades... we had a couple of them in my childhood home back in Puerto Rico where I would collect them in put them in my hair. I also picked our wedding venue based on the fact that the villa was covered in these. As you can see, my love affair with them goes way back. You can only imagine my excitement when they were EVERYWHERE in Jodhpur!

(Swifts's nests... there were so many of them!)

Afterwards we walked down the hill to pay the Jaswant Thada, Jodhpur's most famous cenotaph, a visit. Unfortunately, they were about to close for the day as well so I was only able to take the picture right below. We immediately made plans with our driver to come back early the next day to explore the grounds. That's when the rest of the pictures were taken.

Afterwards, we paid the Mandore Gardens a visit. These gardens are full of tombs, a temple, ruins, and lot and lots of monkeys. Absolutely amazing. The women that take care of the gardens wore the most beautiful sarees, perfectly blending in with the flowers surrounding them.

(Photo taken on our way back to the airport to pick up my misplaced suitcase)

For our original itinerary we were only staying in Jodhpur as a layover in our journey north to Jaisalmer and Bikaner. However, due to lack of time we decided to save those last two cities for our next visit to India. That left us with about three free days in our itinerary. Right away we knew we wanted to expand our time in Jodhpur to one more night. By the time we made that decision there weren't any rooms available at Ratan Vilas for a second night. That's how Ranbanka Palace became our home away from home on our last night in Jodhpur. On our last full day in the city we headed over to the Umaid Bhawan Palace and then rode into the city center to marvel at the Ghanta Ghar clock tower and take in the evening rush.

(The Ghanta Ghar - Also known as The Clock Tower of Rajasthan)

Well, this post officially concludes my India series. It has been absolutely amazing being able to share one of my favorite adventures with you all.

Thank you for following along.

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