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NYE in the Windy City

A couple of weekends ago we celebrated our 5 year anniversary, said good-bye to 2017, and welcomed the new year with a weekend getaway to Chicago. We drove into the city at noon on Saturday and immediately made our way to the Field Museum. We had gotten tickets for the Jurassic Park exhibit so I was more than excited to spend the afternoon living out my childhood fantasy of "exploring" Isla Nublar. I'm not even kidding... I was like a child on Christmas morning the second we entered the exhibit. Afterwards, we checked into the Thompson Hotel, warmed up for a bit and headed back out into the cold for dinner at Velvet Taco. Temperatures had dropped significantly by that time so good thing the place was just across the street from our hotel. However, I would brave the wind and frigid temperatures all over again for those tacos... they were amazing! Actually, the whole time we were in the city, temperatures were way below 0°F. Good times hehehe.

(The amber-preserved mosquitos in Hammond's lab)

The next morning we grabbed breakfast at Carmine's (also across the street) and planned out our day. We originally wanted to go ice skating at Millennium Park but the ungodly temperatures discouraged us from pursuing that any further. Instead, we walked over to 3 Arts Club Cafe (which just happens to be inside my favorite store in the whole wide world) for warm drinks and for me to obsess over every single display there. That place is truly a dream world for those in love with interior decor.

Later that day we received a weather alert on our phones indicating that temperatures would drop to as low as -30°F (with windchill) after 9pm that night. Because of this we decided it wouldn't be prudent to wear the outfits we had packed for dinner and festivities that night... no way my high-slit/v-cut/velvet dress would keep me alive through the night. We immediately made our way down a couple blocks to Michigan Ave to buy new (and warmer) NYE outfits.

That night we walked down the street to Le Colonial for our NYE dinner and official anniversary celebration. It was truly the most amazing time. That place is officially one of our favorite restaurants now... the food is phenomenal, the place is beautiful, and the service so fast and friendly. Couldn't recommend enough.

After dinner we had originally talked about staying out and about till after midnight but the frigid temperatures made out hotel room a much more appealing location for the celebration. Once we got back to the hotel we changed into even warmer outfits (aka: our robes) and cuddled up on the blue velvet couch while watching the city night lights. Perfect ending to 2017 if you ask me.

(Last sunset of 2017)

Thank you for the new memories Chicago!

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